When: Sunday, May 20, 4:30
Where: Mayors’ Riverfront Park
What: 26.2 mile bike ride

Bike the course with the mayor

Join Mayor Bobby Hopewell in an informal, impromptu ride around the 2012 Kalamazoo Marathon course. Bring your friends and bring your bike for a bike ride around Kalamazoo, following all the twists and turns – and ups and downs – of the course.

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!!! Please note!!!

The ride does not begin at the Kalamazoo Starting line. While it does follow the marathon course, it begins at approximately Mile 18 on the map: Mayors’ Riverfront Park.


This ride is an informal gathering, and is not blocked off, protected or staffed.

Riders must obey all traffic laws and are encouraged to bring their own hydration.

This ride is not affiliated with the Borgess Run for the Health of It events, the Kalamazoo Marathon, or Borgess Hospital. All riders assume responsibility for their own safety. Please wear a helmet at all times while riding.